Victory Pointe Building a Stronger Community in Clermont

We build stronger communities by providing architectural functionality

Strengthening communities by offering architectural functionality though thoughtful design.

Powell Studio Architecture collaborated with Community Solutions Group | GAI to coordinate the structure designs throughout the aquatic park. The park was tailored to meet the stormwater retention needs of downtown Clermont.

A Vision for Our Community

Victory Pointe stands as a pioneering endeavor, aiming to safeguard the beauty of our scenic lakes while functioning as a water retention system for our downtown district. As the urban landscape evolves, this centralized stormwater retention area caters to the growing needs of the downtown area. Powell Studio Architecture, tasked with crafting structures that harmonize with Clermont's distinctive Florida-Cracker styling, also contributes facilities to enhance Clermont’s branding of Choice of Champions.

Sustainable Community Living

Implemented by Community Solutions Group | GAI, the project showcases a tiered marsh designed to naturally filter stormwater from downtown before it reaches Lake Minneola's shores. This natural filtration process not only benefits the environment but also creates basins for wildlife to flourish and offers visitors elegantly crafted trails throughout the park. The design and approach represent an evolution in safeguarding our waters and wildlife.

Growing Together

Clermont expands beyond the footprint of downtown; our picturesque chain of lakes surrounds our entire community. Victory Pointe serves as a beacon for responsible development, assuring that progress in one area does not adversely affect the environment.

Designing for Our Community

With meticulous attention to design and development, Powell Studio Architecture took on the responsibility of creating the structures at Victory Pointe. The impressive 40-foot observation tower stands as a testament to this effort, providing breathtaking panoramic views of our lakes and downtown. Accompanying this landmark is a well-appointed restroom and staging facility, serving as a premier location for triathlons. Victory Pointe not only offers Clermont residents enchanting pathways but also presents captivating views of our lakes and downtown, fostering a connection between the community and its stunning surroundings.

An Award-Winning Community

In 2019, Victory Pointe was honored with the ASLA Florida Design Award, acknowledging its transformation from conventional stormwater pond approaches to a natural-tiered approach enhancing the community with open space and amenities. Furthermore, the park earned recognition from Engineering News as the Best Small Project under $10 million. These accolades underscore the community-driven commitment to creative, innovative, and sustainable design, making Victory Pointe not only a national standout but also a cherished destination for residents and visitors of Clermont.

Victory Pointe creates a cohesive connection within the community, appealing to athletes, visitors, and wildlife. The park encapsulates a shared vision of growth, togetherness, and provides breathtaking views. Addressing the community's needs, Victory Pointe has reimagined a conventional stormwater system into a destination meant to be cherished for years to come.

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